Cloudways BFCM Live – Flat 40% Discount on Next 4 Months


CloudWays is a managed hosting where you can host your websites on a VPS server. Best managed WordPress hosting for newbies and professional bloggers.

Cloudways is offering a 40% Discount on all hosting plans for the next four months. If you have a WooCommerce store, Cloudways should be your first choice and you have got a golden opportunity to grab a 40% discount for the next four months now.

Cloudways BFCM Starting Pricing:

  • DigitalOcean – $6/month
  • Vultr – $7/month
  • Linode – $7.8/month
  • AWS – $22/month
  • GCP – $20/month

Why Cloudways is a better choice?

Cloudways comes a handy choice for those who prefer cost over their time. Cloudways offers you a great collection of powerful tools and services for every need of a website- from a simple static website to an eCommerce store and business blog.

The main reason why you should choose Cloudways as your next web hosting platform is the options provided by them. It allows you to choose the hosting server from five major IaaS provides- Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, DigitalOcean, Linode, and Vultr respectively. It offers you to choose from their multiple versions of some of the most popular applications like WordPress & Magento. Cloudways allow their users to configure the application according to their requirements.


Cloudways is providing a complete guide for your success on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Why you should choose Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Hosting is popular for several reasons. It is different from traditional hosting because it allows the use of multiple servers for your website, which increases the reliability and built-in redundancy of the Infrastructure. If any particular server is facing any problem, it is quickly replaced by another server with the same data, which helps in keeping the downtime as low as possible and avoiding bottlenecks and data loss during the downtime. Cloud hosting also offers easy scalability. This allows us to keep our website running even on more traffic than usual.



Why Cloudways is Perfect for your website?

Now that you know a little about Cloudways and Cloud Hosting, a question that will strike your mind is, why doesn’t everyone opt for this option? If you did get this question, let’s jump into the answers.

cloudways features

As you might know, getting a cloud hosting set up with optimal performance is not an easy task, and most of the time the pricing of these services is quite confusing as well because most of the time, Cloud Infrastructure providers charges you on an hourly basis. That’s when Cloudways come to the rescue. START HOSTING YOUR WEBSITE ON CLOUDWAYS NOW!

Cloudways allows you to easily set up cloud hosting on your chosen cloud infrastructure with ease. The rest of the things are managed by Cloudways. Furthermore, Cloudways offers a transparent pricing plan to its users.

The following review on Cloudways will help you to decide and make the decision whether Cloudways is a better choice for your website or not.

Cloudways Pricing & Cloud Hosting Plans

Like the major hosting providers, Cloudways doesn’t offer any kind of tiered hosting plans, eg. Shared Hosting, Cloud VPS, Dedicated Servers. It offers several pre-designed, general-use hosting plans with the predefined allocation of resources such as. RAM, CPUBandwidth, and Storage.

You will be given a list of options of cloud providers whose infrastructure you want to use, which includes: Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, DigitalOcean, Linode, and Vultr respectively.

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