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Hi Folks! Hoping you guys are doing fine. When I was looking for a Linux Distro for my Potato PC, I came through several of the popular distributions that I installed and tried out for the maximum performance. Although I found that, it’s very confusing to get a Linux OS for your specific use cases.

That’s why I’ve compiled a list of some of the best Linux Distro that you can try to find your need. So Let’s have a look at them 👇.

Best Linux Distro for Both Beginners and Experts: Ubuntu

If we’re writing an article on the best Linux Distro, it is almost impossible without mentioning Ubuntu. Without any doubt Linux is one of the most popular Linux Operating systems, it even comes as a preinstalled Operating System in several devices. This Debian-based OS comes with GNOME as its UI and gives you a comfortable feel over your aesthetics. You can also customize it with several themes available in the official repository. How to Install Themes in Ubuntu Linux (itsfoss.com).

In addition of the great looks and a huge support community on several platforms, Ubuntu also acts as a base for other distributions of Canonical like Kubuntu, Lubuntu, and Xubuntu. All of these distributions come with a installation image that includes Try Ubuntu feature that also you to tryout Ubuntu’s All Programs & Features without actually installing it in your device.

Best Linux Distro for Stability: MX Linux

MX Linux combines elegant and efficient desktops with high stability and solid performance. Built with a easy to learn structure, MX Linux is an efficient lightweight operating system based on Debian. It comes with a simple configuration, solid performance, and a medium-sized footprint. It is built for all types of users and applications.

MX’s graphical tools provide an easy way to do a wide variety of tasks, while the Live USB and snapshot tools inherited from antiX add impressive portability and remastering capabilities. Extensive support is available through videos, documentation, and a very friendly Forum.

Video: Linux Tex (YouTube)

Best Linux Distro with Beautiful UI: Garuda Linux

New in the world of Linux, Garuda Linux comes with one of the best UI available for any Linux Operating System. Garuda possess a MacOS like designs with some elegance that goes quite well with the UX. Garuda have a gorgeous desktop with some deeper user friendly aesthetics, which is quite beautiful and admirable. The distribution is based on Arch Linux and comes with KDE Plasma for the desktop.

It comes with some great in-built tools including Garuda Assistant and Garuda Settings Manager which allows you to customize your device to whole another level. You can remove database lock, edit repositories, run system updates, reinstall all packages, edit partitions directly from the Garuda Assistant.

Checkout Review of Garuda Linux by TechRepublic

Video: Linux Tex (YouTube)

Best Linux Distro for Gaming: PopOS

Thanks to the Proton Compatibility layer, almost 75% of the top hundred gaming titles are already playable on Linux. Pop!_OS is an Ubuntu-based Linux distro that is recommended by the Linux Community for Gaming and Developers.

One of the best part that I personally consider using Pop!_OS is that it comes with pre-installed graphics drivers for Nvidia and AMD GPUs. It is very user friendly and also have a great community to support you in any error.

Best Choice for Beginners: Zorin OS

Zorin OS is one of the best and easy to use Linux Distro available for the beginners. It can be used as an alternative to Windows and macOS in terms of design and aesthetics. Sometimes, it is also called as the gateway into the Linux World. It have a powerful, clean and minimal desktop which offers the Zorin Appearance app that lets users tweak the desktop to their comfortable and familiar feel.

Best Linux Distro

Best Linux Distro for Programming: Solus

After booting into Solus’s Budgie Desktop, the first thing admired was it’s minimal but fascinating looks and feels. Meanwhile, Solus is not built specifically for developers, it comes with many pre-installed development tools that makes it fit for the developers.

Solus is a Linux Distro built from scratch. It’s Budgie Desktop Environment is tightly integrated with the GNOME stack. It includes Editors, Preinstalled Programming Languages, All Major Compliers and Version Control Systems along with Virtualization and Containerization Technology.

Best Linux Distro for Ethical Hacking: Kali Linux

Without any doubt, Kali Linux is Linux Distro that everyone knows about. When it comes to the ethical hacking purposes, there’s no match for Kali Linux. It comes with over hundreds of useful tools that can serve your various purposes like vulnerability analyses, wireless attacks, exploitation tools, penetration testing, etc.

This Linux Distro is based on the Testing Branch of Debian and most of the packages are also available from Debian Repositories.

Best Linux Distro

It is available for a wide variety of devices, including Full-Featured Desktop, Raspberry Pi, Chromebook, etc. It can be also installed on Android Smartphones with the use of Kali NetHunter.

With Microsoft’s WSL Project, it is possible to install the full-featured Kali Desktop on Windows without using Virtual Machines. With Win-KeX, we can access the complete Kali Desktop without leaving our Windows Desktop.

Read More: Win-KeX


With all the best Linux Distros being listed for the different use cases, will see you guys in the next one ✌. If you got any doubts drop them in the comments section for a quick solution.

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