Microsoft working on a three screen foldable phone

Microsoft surface Duo

We already know about two-screen foldable phones Microsoft is working on, for a long time now, namely Surface Neo & Surface Duo but recently, The Redmond-Based Software Giant recently patented a unique three-screen design phone with a third screen on the hinge on the displays. Windows Latest, suggests this could be the next innovative device from Microsoft.

Windows Latest, as mention in their blog, the patent suggests that the device will be foldable both inwards and outwards like Surface Duo & Surface Neo does, and the third screen could make its place on the hinge of the device as a status bar.


Microsoft Three Screen Device Patents
Image source: USPTO/Microsoft/Windows Latest

But the edged screen may have some limited features like virtual controls, bookmarks of a browser, notifications, time, remaining battery health, button to switch users, ability to move content from one screen region to another, show running apps, connected devices, multi-tasking features. When the device is closed, the third screen will display notifications such as the number of missed calls and unread text messages, and more.

Microsoft says the information displayed on the screen region of the hinge depends on the user’s current intent. Microsoft would be able to understand if a user is interested in additional information that can be displayed on the third screen.

While we’re not sure that the actual product will be the same as the patent, this is yet another confirmation that Microsoft is putting some thought into innovating the traditional foldable concept.

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