The Premium Managed WordPress Hosting: Kinsta! Hyped or Worth it 2022?


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KINSTA! A WordPress Host that you might not have heard about yet.

If you’re looking for a Managed Wordpress Hosting, you might have come through several names including Cloudways, WPEngine, WPX, and hopefully Kinsta. If so, Kinsta will become the favorite choice for your WordPress hosting but you might also find it quite costly at the same time, and now, if you’re looking for a non-biased review on Kinsta, I might help you in this for sure.

So before we begin reviewing Kinsta, let’s look at their history:

What is Kinsta?

Kinsta is a managed WordPress Hosting Provider started back in 2013, is one of the best hosting providers for WordPress in the world. Kinsta is one of the fastest-growing WordPress hosting providers in the United States and Europe. It was started as an experiment by a group of WordPress Experts who wanted to simplify the WordPress hosting experience and were unimpressed by existing solutions of WordPress hosting.

Kinsta’s complete infrastructure lies on Google Cloud Platform and they utilize Google’s most powerful & enterprise-grade C2 compute units for hosting our WordPress websites. They promise Lightning Fast Speed ⚡ with Faster Load Times 🏃 and Really Impressive Customer support.

But still, does it worth the Hype? Let’s Find Out:


Super Fast WordPress Hosting

Website Speed and Loading Time is the most important factor as far as we know.

Faster loading time not only helps us in improving conversion rate but also helps in the longer stay of a visitor on our website. Lower the loading time better the User Experience. We’re using Kinsta for an e-learning website called, it’s consecutively having more than 100 visitors live on the website and hosting WooCommerece and Learndash on the same server. You’ve assumed that’s quite a heavy website, right? Have a look at the results.

kinsta 3

WebPageSpeed Test

Faster Infrastructure and Premium DNS

Kinsta uses GCP’s Premium tier Compute Servers which means no compromise in Speed, Security & Performance. They’re among the select WordPress Hosting Providers who use the latest Docket technologies and utilizes the SSD storage servers for much better performance. This allows Kinsta to offer us better speed, reliability, and flexibility over our website and it’s quite easy to scale.

Kinsta users have plenty of server locations to choose from as they have access to all regions that Google Cloud Platform serves. Know more about Kinsta’s server location from here. It has more than 28 locations for now and they’re growing pretty fast. It offers connectivity to almost all countries and continents so that you can choose a location near your targeted audience.

kinsta 5
Source: Kinsta

Kinsta also provides access to Amazon’s Premium Route53 DNS to keep the DNS Connectivity as quick as possible. It reduces the latency required to connect with a domain and its high availability makes it more reliable than any other DNS Provider.

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