How to Enable OEM Unlocking on Android [OEM Unlock] | (2 Easy Steps)

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In this post, I will guide you to enable OEM Unlocking in your Android Devices.

Hi! Folks, What’s up? Want to install a custom ROM but your device manufacture has imposed an OEM Lock. Don’t worry, I’ve got a solution for this. Android is well-known for its open-source nature and the possibilities to push it beyond the limitations set by the OEM.

Limitations are often set by OEM device manufacturers to limit the Android’s Functionalities and block any customizations from 3rd-party developers.

If you want to customize your Android Phone with some 3rd-party software, first you will need to unlock your Bootloader. In order to install Bootloader, you will need to enable ‘OEM Unlocking‘ in the Settings of your Android Device.

NOTE: Unlocking the bootloader on an Android Device will lead to void the warranty of your device.

What is OEM Unlocking?

OEM Unlocking is an option in the Android’s Developer Options settings that was initially introduced by Google in order to prevent unauthorized changes to bootloader and fix problem with root issues. OEM Unlocking needs to be enabled in case you want to unlock your bootloader.

The option is hidden to prevent any accidental access to your device data, just like “USB debugging”. It could also serve as a recovery process to revive your device if anything goes wrong with the software.

How to Enable OEM Unlocking on Android Devices?

With all that said, let’s look at the instructions to enable OEM Unlocking on your Android Device.


I will strongly advise you to completely backup your android device including the apps, messages, contacts and especially internal storage. Enabling OEM Unlocking won’t affect the data of your device, but eventually you would likely to procedure for unlocking your bootloader after that, which will result in the complete wipeout of your device data.


To Enable OEM Unlocking, first you’ll need to enable Developer Options on your device. To do so:

  • Go to “Settings” 👉 “About Phone” 👉 Tap on “Build Number7 times to enable Developer Options.

Now you’ll be asked for your Android Lock for confirmation. After doing so, a notification will appear on the bottom of the screen, saying – “You’re now a developer!”.

Now after enabling Developer Option on your Android, we can easily enable OEM Unlocking on your Android Device. To do so:

  • Go to “Settings” 👉 “System” 👉 “Developer Options” 👉 Search & Enable “OEM Unlocking“.
oem unlocking

oem unlocking

You will be prompted to confirm the process, so press “ENABLE” to continue.

That was easy, wasn’t it!

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