9 Most Secure Chat Apps for Android in 2020

Secure Chat Apps 2020

There are many famous chat apps available on Google Play such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. They support encrypted messaging but some of the major apps owned by Tech Giants like Facebook, which tends to doubt our privacy and security of these apps.

With the rise of monitoring programs by government and other major tech giants, the need for a super-secure open-source encrypted messaging app for Android is essential now to protect our privacy.

About 50% of people are concerned about their privacy while using messenger or VoIP apps in Android. Although, there are a handful of encrypted messaging apps are available for Android from open source community.

There are many free and open-source Android apps are available in the market but we have picked a few of the best mobile encrypted messaging and VoIP apps available right now for Android. All these listed open source messengers and VoIP apps support end-to-end encryption and download links are also provided. And all of them are the best alternatives for WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Skype, etc.

Encrypted Messaging Android Apps:

1. Signal

Signal is an end-to-end encrypted open source messenger. They run their own server and the cryptography is similar to the proven OTR and done by specialists. Group chat is supported and you can send media files. VoIP is also supported. There is also an iOS version.

Source code: GitHub

2. Telegram & Telegram X

Maybe the favorite open-source encrypted messaging Android app of the majority of people. Telegram is an encrypted messenger just like WhatsApp and supports end-to-end encryption when choosing the “secret chat” option. It also has all the other things you would want from a messenger like group chats and photo/video sharing. 

Source code: GitHub

3. Conversations

Conversations is a free and open-source Jabber/XMPP client for Android. Easy to use, reliable, battery friendly. With built-in support for images, group chats. Supports end-to-end encryption using OTR or OpenPGP. 

Since the app is priced $2.99 on Google Play but you can download it as free from F-Droid.

Source code: GitHub

4. Xabber

Xabber — another open-source encrypted messaging app with Jabber (XMPP) client with multi-account support and clean and simple modern material interface. 

In Google Play you can find two versions of Xabber — a free version and a supported version priced $2.99. It is also freely available in F-Droid.

Source code: GitHub

5. Antox

Antox is a new kind of open-source encrypted messaging Android app that uses the Tox protocol which is Peer to Peer to connect you with friends and family without anyone else listening in. Because of the use of Tox protocol, there will be high data usage and battery drain and for now WiFi only mode is recommended by the developer. Tox is completely free and comes without advertising — forever. Remember Antox is still on alpha stage and there may be some bugs.

Source code: TokTok Project

6. Kontalk Messenger

Kontalk is an end-to-end encrypted messenger, based on Open Standards (XMPP and OpenPGP). It automatically encrypts all messages and media without any user intervention. 

Source code: GitHub

7. Surespot Encrypted Messenger

Everything sent using Surespot is end-to-end encrypted with symmetric-key encryption (256 bit AES-GCM) using keys created with 521-bit ECDH shared secret derivation, but you won’t notice because security in Surespot is built-in, not a layer over something else.

One of the notable features is you have control over your messages when you delete a sent message it will be removed from the receiver’s phone and images are not shareable unless you make them so.

Source code: GitHub

8. Wire — Secure Messenger

Wire messenger is a secure open-source platform comes with video calling and video conferencing for teams feature. It also allows inviting partners, customers, and suppliers to collaborate through the unique guest rooms. Cross-platform support of Wire messenger lets you collaborate whether in the office or on the road.

Source code: GitHub

9. Delta Chat

Delta Chat is a decentralized and open communication system that uses the existing e-mail server network. Delta Chat requires no additional server-side infrastructure — chat with anyone if you know their e-mail address, no need for them to install DeltaChat.

Source code: GitHub

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